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At Jaban International, our mission is to bring the flavors of Asia to Japan. Our flagship restaurant offers a full range of dishes, from savory to sweet, that will transport you to the bustling streets of Southeast Asia. We also offer a range of halal foods at our store for those seeking an alternative to traditional Japanese cuisine. In addition to our culinary offerings, we are also a leading reseller of phones and personal computers, always providing the latest technology at competitive prices.

Taste of Asia in Japan

A prominent Restaurant, Halal Food Store, Phones and Personal Computer Reseller and many more in the City


Red Chilli (Asian Dining) Restaurant

Red Chilli (Asian Dining) is serving to you a different types cuisine which is much popular and traditional food culture of Indian subcontinental (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka and Nepal) South Asia, East Asia, and West Asia

iTouch & Tech

iTouch & Tech is a Retails and wholesale section under JABAN INTERNATIONAL that sells various brand new and used products at our own outlet in Tokyo Funabashi and also sells online. iTouch & Tech was established in 2019 as a Native trader of Computers, Smartphones and various gadgets.  

Mini Bazar - Halal Foods and Food supplements

To fulfill our diverse customer' needs, we offer both on the shop and online store. We strive to offer you the widest variety possible of specialty foods including meat, tea leaves and Spices just as we have supplied to our customers. We also offer a home delivery service.

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